Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Pointless sketching

I find it hard to wait and do nothing, and so I throw my pencil case and sketchbook into the car when I go to the bus stop to pick up Paddy. I always point the car towards home because the kids wind me up so much that my chances of hitting something during a three-point-turn is much higher.
It was time to give my Kuretake brush pen a little outing. But what to draw? There was nothing much to draw that I haven't drawn a million times already, as you can see...

Spring, summer, autumn, winter. Every day it's a little bit different but no matter how nice it is to draw, I wanted to use my brush pen and draw more freely. That meant sketching something from close up. The interior of my car was the perfect solution, and my fountain pens got a turn too, as I drew one of those pic-within-a-pic things on the piece of paper I was holding.

Paddy's bus arrived and we all set off home. He gets the shivers from surreal things so while he admired my sketch he wasn't too keen on the drawing-within-a-drawing. 

More pointless sketches to come!

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