Thursday, February 17, 2011

Drawing and painting my way

Welcome to my new blog.

I am going to show how I come up with paintings. It isn't really rocket science but it is a technique that I have refined over many years and it really works. It is very satisfying and extremely indugent - which is what it's all about, right?

These fine ladies were inspired by a real-life family I know: they are very wonderful ladies (not fat I hasten to add) who always know how to make the most of life. For example, after I started painting these ladies, I found out that one of them has a little book in which she keeps the number of her favourite hotel rooms in her favourite hotels.
The ladies in the paintings are very distinctive. Each has her own sense of style and will dress accordingly.

Last week, my eldest daughter asked me to do one of these paintings for her birthday. With one thing and another I was left with a morning and a half and an evening to design, draw and paint the image. I did it and you will see it (framed, as I did not have the chance to scan it first) in the next post.

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